About Celebrate LX

Celebrate LX is a participatory project which involves the creation of digital content and narratives to document the event which commemorates the 10th anniversary of Intercultural Cities and produce a mapping featuring Lisbon and the diversity of the city. Celebrate LX proposes a change of viewpoint, a new way of documenting events, territories and different themes in a collective way, promoting participation, collaboration and co-creation of digital content and narratives.

Celebrate LX take place in Lisbon on the 28th and 29th of November, 2017 coinciding with the Intercultural Cities Milestone Event.

Celebrate LX triggers a Mobile Avalanche of digital content and narrative co-creation involving all the participants in the event, so that they carry out a participatory content co-creation exercise using their mobile phones. The aim is to celebrate Lisbon, celebrate diversity and celebrate the 10 years of Intercultural Cities through an innovative project involving the creation of content and narratives related to the event and the diversity.

The outcome of the Mobile Avalanche are contents produced by the participants in the form of photographs, video and audio recordings. With these materials we build up an atlas of the project which include a map of Lisbon, a map of the diversity of the city and a map of the event itself, which be displayed in the website of the project. The content generated through the Mobile Avalanche and the images recorded by Úbiqa have been used to prepare a video summary showing the results of the experience and the development of the event.

About Intercultural Cities

INTERCULTURAL CITIES (ICC) is a capacity-building and policy development programme implemented by the Council of Europe to support local authorities across Europe and beyond to design inclusive integration policies and strategies built on the application of a diversity management model called Intercultural Integration. Based on the notion of “diversity advantage”, these strategies are founded on the assumption that diversity can be an asset for communities if managed in a positive and competent way; they mobilise leaders, policy officials, professionals, businesses and civil society towards re-shaping city policies and services to make them more effective and engage citizens in building an understanding of their society’s diversity as a competitive advantage.

The Intercultural Cities’ programme offers a comprehensive methodology for city leaders and a range of analytical and assessment tools, including the Intercultural Cities Index, that municipalities can use to evaluate the success of their integration strategies. The ICC programme has grown exponentially in the past two years and has a current membership of 121 cities, taking in five continents. There are also active national networks in Italy, Jordan, Norway, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine. Ten years after its launch, the ICC programme is working at developing new perspectives, approaches and partnerships in order to shape inclusive societies in the decade to come.

About us

Celebrate LX is a project designed and carried out by Ubiqa, a company which designs and develops participatory social creation and communication projects, which enhance people’s digital skills and enable them to produce digital content and narratives using video, photography, audio and other resources and narrative forms, in order to promote the representation of territories as well as citizen experiences, problems and concerns.

Úbiqa has carried out, amongst others, the following participatory social creation and communication projects on intercultural subjects: Identibuzz, a project to create shared narratives about the territories and the multiple identities which coexist in our cities. #PrestGaude, a participatory awareness-raising action to promote the acceptance and integration of refugees, involving citizens in the construction and dissemination of favourable messages which show their commitment to these people.