DELI at Getxo (Diversity in the Economy and Local Integration)

Imanol Landa, mayor of Getxo, explains the diversity plan of the city.

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Economic integration of migrants and reducing gaps in access to rights
DELI, co-funded by the Council of Europe and the European Integration Fund, fosters more efficient local policies in support of migrant-owned SMEs and migrant entrepreneurship as part of wider diversity and inclusion policies.

The project is based on a partnership network of 10 cities, working towards systemic change in the economic integration of migrants and reducing gaps in access to rights.
The project aims to:

– Support the development of local partnership platforms with a view to engaging local public and private actors in supporting migrant entrepreneurship at local level;
– Facilitate access of migrant-owned SMEs to public and private procurement;
– Develop quality management standards and assessment tools for local governments supporting the design and implementation of economic policies consistent with the principles of equal treatment, integration and diversity management.

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