Multicultural Lisbon, overseas capital, city of colours, smells and races. Old migrations, contemporary migrations. Portuguese from the former colonies all over the world, smells of Africa, Asia and America, India, China, Bangladesh, Timor, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea, Cape Verde, Sao Tomé and Príncipe… Lisbon, multiple city.

Formerly Portuguese people from all over the world: Bengalis, African, Brazilian, Chinese from Macao, Indian from Goa and Bombay… The world is in Lisbon. Discover the diverse diversity of Lisbon. In Martim Moniz, in Mouraria, in Intendente, in Almirante Reis Avenue, in Bairro das Colonias… Anywhere, in any corner.

What is your diversity in Lisbon?

Walk along the streets, the neighbourhoods, interview, ask the city’s inhabitants. What is the diverse diversity of Lisbon?

What is the value of diversity? Show us your diversity of Lisbon

 […], each person brings me some news, each house offers some novelty, each poster has come advice for me. My quiet walk is a continuous conversation and all of us, people, houses, stones, posters and sky, are a large friendly crowd elbowing each other with words in the grand procession of Fate.

Fernando Pessoa

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